Saturday, February 25, 2012

For science!

     Hey guys! This is a simple blog meant to help me as a computer science major. Hope to be a programmer for a living one day, so it's best to keep practicing. The hope is to keep practicing with small little programs, be it "once a day", as this blog is aimed towards. The probability of getting one in every day is unlikely, but I think the name sounds better than "ProgramSometimes" or "ProgramEveryFewDays". 

      Currently working in Java, and I took C last semester, so that's probably what my posts will consist of until I get a more firm grasp in others. 

     I'll probably end up timing them, as well. This is for reference- if I am out of new ideas, go back and create the same (or similar) program, then compare times. Maybe set handicaps on some logic problems. I can't use this method, or only limited to this. Who knows, it's an adventure into computer science!

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